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What do we help with?

View our areas of expertise with common diagnoses such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), equipping parents with insights into recognizing signs and taking informed steps toward their child’s well-being.


Issues in focus, impulsivity, poor organization, mood swings, lack of self-motivation.


Persistent sadness, irritability, changes in sleep and appetite, self-criticism, unexplained physical complaints.


Difficulty concentrating, constant worry, avoidance, irritability, changes in sleep and appetite.

Disordered Sleep

Mood swings, difficulty with peers, irritability, sadness, poor academic performance, attention problems due to insufficient sleep.


Trouble with social reciprocity, low emotional intelligence, aversion to eye contact, difficulty making friends, perseverative thinking patterns.

Who do we help?

Parents! We’re here to support parents who find themselves at a critical juncture in their child’s mental health journey: usually post-diagnosis and facing the complexities of medication and its side effects. Whether you’re navigating uncharted territory or seeking clarity amidst the confusion, our aim is to provide the guidance and reassurance you need to navigate your child’s mental health challenges with confidence and resilience.

How do we help?

We understand the overwhelming, fearful, and uncertain feelings parents face when navigating their child’s mental health challenges. At Mentallus, our mission is to address this critical need with comprehensive support and resources to effectively manage these concerns.

Dedicated Care Manager

Your own RN with 30+ years of experience who can help by assessing, advising, mentoring, and supporting all your pediatric behavioral and mental health needs.

Physician Liaison

We work collaboratively with your healthcare partners (Pediatrician, Psychiatrist, Therapist, etc.) to ensure your care is coordinated. No left-hand / right-hand communication errors.

School Liaison

We can coordinate with teachers and school administrators to ensure your child’s educational providers know how best to help your child learn and socialize.

Resource Library

Access our extensive resource library with curated information ready when you need it. No need to spend hours searching the internet for sources that may not be reputable.

Covered by Your HSA

Services may be covered by your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). We help you work with your healthcare or wellness provider to avoid you having to pay out of pocket.

Customized Coaching

No two patients are alike. That’s why we ensure you get a customized plan tailored to your specific needs, diagnoses, and treatment plan.

How to Get Started with Mentallus?

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  2. Engage in a discovery call where we discuss your concerns and needs, ensuring that Mentallus is a good fit for you and your family.
  3. To enroll, you are provided intake documents via email through our secure Patient Portal that ensures HIPPA compliance & privacy.

Starting at $169/month

“This approach…improves patient outcomes and actually reduce[s] cost to families in the long run.”

– Dr. Landon Hendricks

Meet President & CEO of Mentallus, Angee Richins

“Our mission is to provide personalized support & guidance for youth mental health.”

Angee Richins founded Mentallus drawing from her experiences as a mother and pediatric nurse. Observing her child’s encounters with anxiety, depression, and ADHD, she recognized the complexities of maneuvering through the present healthcare structure. Clinic visits were rushed, and ER visits were crisis-focused, frequently leaving parents stressed and overwhelmed.

Angee’s objective is to establish a procedure where parents feel empowered, providing them with the necessary tools and resources to aid their children in facing mental and behavioral health obstacles.

Outside of work, Angee finds pleasure in reading, walking her dog, engaging in landscape design and gardening, and spending time with her family.

Praise for our program

See why others recommend Mentallus to their patients, friends, and families.

As a parent dealing with a child in a mental health crisis, Mentallus was a lifesaver for our family. In the beginning of our child’s treatment, I had serious questions and needs almost daily. I found myself dealing with medication side effects and behavior issues and unable to get into appointments or get my questions answered as quickly as I desperately needed.

Working with Angee as our personal care manager gave me daily access to someone who could help. She served as an invaluable liaison between homelife and our scheduled appointments with doctors. It was such a support and relief to be able to call in whenever I needed and get help. I so appreciated the personalized care- she knew me, our family situation and all of our history. I didn’t have to explain the situation to a new person every time I called for help. I didn’t have to wait days for a call back. Because of her years of clinical experience and practice in the field, she is absolutely knowledgeable about medications, side effects, behavioral issues and everything we needed or asked about. She was able to collaborate with our pediatrician and psychiatrist and keep all of us on the same page. Honestly, this service has helped us survive the past months!

I would highly recommend Mentallus to anyone navigating life with a child with behavioral or mental health issues. It has been an invaluable service for me. It feels like a lifeline for parents and caregivers who need help and support at a level beyond regular clinic appointments.

S.C. | Parent

Mentallus is a solution to obvious problems in the way we approach mental health. Where is the best place to get the kind of help I need? How do I make sure our doctor, therapist or teacher collaborate? What does a holistic approach to this problem look like; one that emphasizes wellness rather than brokenness? How can I expect progress in treatment when regular appointments with the provider aren’t possible?

Connecting with a care manager who understands BOTH mental health programs AND our medical systems has been an invaluable resource for the families I have worked with. They get better information, better collaboration, and feel more empowered. Vast scientific research is consistent with my own clinical experience that patients have improved outcomes and shorter treatment duration (and therefore lower overall cost) when supported by a specialized care manager. Highly recommended!

Matt Swenson, MD | Board Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

My patients have benefited greatly from care management, and Angee knows how to do it better than anyone. Care management provides families with a map and compass to navigating the complex mental health world. Having clear guidance is especially important for new diagnoses or when traditional approaches have failed. A coordinator with experience like Angee, can provide families with knowledge for next steps, information regarding resources available, expectations for medication management, and details regarding their child’s mental health disorder.

I have used care management under Angee’s direction for mental health disorders with a large number of patients in my practice and I have found it to be of tremendous benefit to the families. Even stronger support for the program is that studies have shown this approach to improve patient outcomes and actually reduce cost to families in the long run.

Landon Hendricks, MD | Board Certified Pediatrician

Navigating mental health resources or a new mental health diagnosis in a child can be overwhelming. In my experience as a pediatrician, I have found that having someone to help guide you through the nuance of therapy, medication, lifestyle changes and the emotional impact on a family that often accompany these experiences can be invaluable. Angee has worked as a nurse specializing in behavioral health and has years of experience. Her care, concern and attention to detail about every aspect of a patient’s life has helped many of my patients get the most out of treatment. Angee’s knowledge and background are an incredible resource for those wanting to maximize the benefits of working with their doctor and therapist. Knowing what to ask or what to expect helps empower families to get what they really need from their medical experience when it comes to mental health. I highly recommend this service!

Weston Spencer, MD | Board Certified Pediatrician

To have an experienced professional care manager, like Angee, familiar with all aspects of mental health care, who can assist and navigate an often complicated system is invaluable. They function as the “glue” that holds all the pieces of your child’s care team together, resulting in improved outcomes. Angee has the experience and skills to individualize care plans  and connect families with the most appropriate resources for their child. Because she communicates so effectively with families, health care providers, therapists, and schools, she is an excellent advocate to have on your side. I have been very fortunate to collaborate with her in the care of many of my patients, who have greatly valued and appreciated her assistance. I highly recommend families to take advantage of this important service to help guide them on their child’s journey towards optimal mental health.

Beverly Vargo, MD | Board Certified Pediatrician

As a pediatrician, I have seen the continued increased burden mental and behavioral health is playing on children, teens and their care givers. It has become increasingly more complex in navigating the available resources and managing this broad area of medicine. I have seen the benefit care management provides for patients, care givers as well as keeping the various health care staff well connected and communicating. I recommend having a well trained care manager be a part of your healthcare team during ongoing treatment for behavioral and mental health disorders.

Bryce Carter, MD | Board Certified Pediatrician

Step by step guidance

Your Mentallus Care Manager provides skilled assistance based on more than 30+ years of experience.

Specializing in kids 3-21 years

Bi-monthly progress checks as we work toward treatment goals

Medication education and monitoring




ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder

DMDD, Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder

ODD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Struggles with social connection, skills and friendships

Disordered sleep

Disordered eating patterns

Parenting strategies and support

Strategies for perseverative thoughts and behaviors

Motivation helps

Working with teachers and schools

504 plan / accommodations

Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)

Strategies for classrooms and how to work with your teachers

Suicidality and self-harm

Back to school planning

Strategies for summer

Working with therapists

Sensory processing concerns

Strategies for improved interpersonal relationships with friends, siblings, parents and extended family

Lying and stealing

Emotional regulation and intelligence

Impulse control

Poor hygiene

Media/screen time concerns

Body-focused repetitive behaviors like skin picking, hair pulling and nail biting

Diagnosis-specific resources

Reputable mental health websites, books, podcasts

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